I wanted to take a few minutes to try to put into words my appreciation on my experience as a patient for the last few years. I think most would agree that going to the doctor usually is not something that one looks forward to and often has a little apprehension with also.

I feel extremely fortunate and blessed to have had you as my pain management care doctor. You have always taken the time to listen with interest and compassion to my sometimes vague description of my ailments. Your “bedside manner” is second to none. As you and I know my situation is not a simple one and yet you have never given up on me. I can honestly say that is because of how knowledgeable you are on medical ailments that I would probably still be looking for answers to my questions. Because of your expertise of treating chronic pain I have been able to maintain a somewhat normal lifestyle with as minimum discomfort as possible that included a few surgeries. Thank you so very much for your understanding, patience, compassion and respect through it all. You are at the top of my doctor list.

I also would like to thank the staff at your office. They also have treated me with compassion and have had an extreme amount of patience with me. I know I haven’t been the easiest to schedule and reschedule. And yet always made me feel like it wasn’t a problem. I don’t think I have ever had a doctors staff communicate so well with me in making sure I had the necessary information to make it as easy as possible for me.

And last but not least, I would like to thank Jayme for your extreme patience and professionalism in my treatment. You are the best at what you do and definitely an asset to Dr. McCauley. You always found a way to destress me in a stressful situation. In other words. YOU ROCK!

I wish you all the very best and I am forever grateful for your care.


When I severely injured my back 9 years ago, I had met my share of neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, and pain management doctors. I had 3 failed back surgeries, and I felt so helpless that no one truly cared about the chronic pain I continued to have. After 3 long painful years, I met a patient of Dr. McCauley’s who had great success in dealing with her pain. After my first consult with Dr. McCauley, I felt hope for the first time in years. FINALLY, someone who can help address my pain! It wasn’t just “here’s some pain pills” like everyone else I went to…he took the time to get to know me and my pain. His knowledge, combined with a very caring bedside manner I had yet to experience, led me down the road to the actual definition of pain management. I have great respect for him as he is constantly researching new procedures that could be applied to his patient’s care. I feel so blessed to have met Dr. McCauley. I could never thank him enough for what he’s done for me and my quality of life.


I have been a patient of Dr. Michael McCauley for over 10 years. I selected Dr. McCauley after “interviewing” 2 other pain management physicians. I choose Dr. McCauley because:

  • His professionalism and modern approach to pain management.
  • His staff, who are friendly and professional
  • His understanding and willingness to listen to my problems. (I have suffered with degenerative disc disease of the spine for more than 15 years)

Dr. McCauley has exceeded my expectations in every way, with the right treatments for each of my problems. With a combination of medication and injections, I am able to lead a “normal” life, Physical therapy and home exercise programs are also helpful and encouraged by Dr. McCauley.

Dr. McCauley is associated with the Arizona Spine and Joint Hospital, where he does precise facet joint injections, and many other procedures, with the use of the fluoroscope.

I will continue to recommend Dr. McCauley to friends and family in need of pain relief.

Donald M.

Dr. McCauley and his staff are not only friendly and efficient but are so helpful in answering any questions I may have.  I recommend them highly, they are the best office staff I have ever worked with.


I have been a patient of Dr. Michael McCauley for over 15 years now.  He and his office staff are more than Doctor, Nurses, and Office Staff, they are all caring, giving individuals that are sincerely concerned with the patient’s healing and the patient’s lifestyles.

I have degenerative disc disease along with osteoporosis and arthritis in my lower back.  He has sucessfully diagnosed me, helped me get onto Social Security Disability and then arrange consultations, injections and such.  I have gone from a walker to a 4 legged cane and now walk with no assistance.  I have been able to resume a “normal” lifestyle, and am able to work a 15 hour week.

Jayme Bunch, Office Manager, has been with his practice for years and she always makes time to chat about my cats, her dogs and family.  Janette Barnes, Medical Assistant, is relatively new, but fits right into the tight knit family at the office and makes patients feel like they are also part of the family.

Dr. McCauley is always concerned and asks about not just my problems, but also my family, especially my grandchildren and gives you personal attention that immediately puts you at ease.  There is no hour long “waiting” as with most doctors.  His appointments are scheduled where you are usually seen within 5 minutes of your appointment time and he works a hard schedule (7am to 6pm on some days) to care for his patients.

I can’t speak highly enough of Dr. McCauley and his office staff.  Phone calls are returned promptly and he will see you ASAP.  I wish all doctors maintained his high ethics of professionalism, care and concern.