Trigger Point Injections

This procedure is performed in our office and is aimed at reducing or relieving the pain from trigger points.  Trigger points are small knots or spasms that form in the muscles or in the fascia (the soft connective tissue surrounding our muscles).  The doctor will first palpate, or press over the painful area to determine where the trigger points are located.  The skin will then be cleaned and sterilized.  A small needle is then carefully inserted into the trigger point where a combination of local anesthetic and steroid is injected.  The goal of this injection is to get the trigger point to relax and relieve the pain.  Sometimes more than one trigger point is identified and the procedure is repeated for each additional trigger point.  The relief from these injections can last hours, days or longer.  The trigger points can reoccur and the injections can be repeated.  It is also useful to combine these injections with physical therapy (stretching, heat, massage, TENS unit, etc) and postural optimziation to maximize the benefits and hopefully prevent the return of the trigger points.